2018 Summer Camp
Theme: The Mission
Jesus' followers have been carrying on the mission for almost 2,000 years, but it is not yet accomplished since nearly two billion people still have not heard the story of Jesus.  Sharing the gospel to further His Kingdom is the ultimate reason He has left the church on earth.  Join us for FUGE Camps 2018 as we study the life of Paul and discover how to live a life on mission for Christ.

Speaker: Stephen Dervan                  Worship Leader: Stephen Miller

Grades:  6th - 12th
Camp Dates:  June 18-22, 2018

Camp Website http://www.fugecamps.com/
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Crossroads Chapel FUEL Youth Group Prices
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Register & Pay Before March, 1, 2018:  $150

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Information Sheet
Medical Release Form
How Can I Go To Camp For Free?
Crossroads Chapel generously supports FUEL by paying a portion of youth retreats, camps, & activities through scholarships.  However, students can help themselves through fundraising opportunities throughout the year.  We have had some students raise over $400 in one year through these fundraising events.  The money they raise is applied directly towards students’ out of pocket costs for our FUEL events and activities.

Fundraisers Throughout the Year:
Spring: 30-hr Famine
Servant for a Day
Fall: Fall Festival Chili Cook Off
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Summer Camp 2018

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