2018 Youth Winter Retreat
Theme: Frenemies (Romans 12:14-21)
​​What Does Scripture Say About Dealing With Frenemies?​​

Frenemy - a person with whom one is friendly despite a fundamental dislike or rivalry

Speaker: Garry Sparrow

Worship Leader: Stephen Houlihan 

Grades:  6th - 12th
Retreat Dates:  March 2-4
(Fri-Sun), 2018

Cost​ :  $35

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Please read this over completely & review it with your child(ren).  You and they will be responsible for the information contained within it.  Please be sure to carefully review the dress policy.  Do not let your child pack clothing that violates the policy.
Winter Retreat
Info Sheet
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How Can I Go On the Fall Retreat For Free?
Crossroads Chapel generously supports FUEL by paying a portion of youth retreats, camps, & activities through scholarships.  However, students can help themselves through fundraising opportunities throughout the year.  We have had some students raise over $400 in one year through these fundraising events.  The money they raise is applied directly towards students’ out of pocket costs for our FUEL events and activities.

Fundraisers Throughout the Year:
Spring: 30-hr Famine
Summer: Servant for a Day
Fall: Fall Festival Chili Cook Off

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